Thursday, December 10, 2015

Chinese 'House of Horrors' where 10,000 rabbits are skinned EVERY DAY


However, some remain conscious as they are hung up by their back legs on hooks and have their throats slit. Their paws are then hacked off and their bodies skinned.
Workers at the Chinese slaughterhouses earn around four pence for each animal they process.

Filthy living conditions Humane Society International/UK

The footage was recorded by Chinese animal rights advocates for The Humane Society who campaign for the protection of animals.

Claire Bass, from the organisation, said: “The facility we found in China is a house of horror for thousands of rabbits.”
Caged in cramped stacks Humane Society International/UK

She added: “As their fur is being sold to the UK and other countries, it's entirely possible that these terrified rabbits have ended up as fur bobble hats and scarves on sale in UK shops.”
However, there is nothing to suggest that the particular factory they filmed has supplied any of their rabbit fur to a UK retailer.

Rabbits await slaughter

The organisation has also discovered that some high street shops have been tricked into selling real fur on products marketed as having fake.
TK Maxx and House of Fraser unknowingly marketed the products as ‘faux fur’ and said they have now severed ties with the dodgy suppliers.

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