Thursday, December 17, 2015

Man wins £28k damages from Ryanair after spilled hot tea scalds his penis

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A RYANAIR passenger who claimed boiling tea was spilled over his groin settled a £28,000 damages claim yesterday.
Ronald Furlong said his member was scalded when cabin crew tried to give the drink to another flier.

The 33-year-old from Irishman told a court the incident happened on a London to Dublin flight in August 2012.
He claimed the hot liquid spilled on and burned his abdomen, genitals, thighs and groin, suffering instant pain and having to remove his clothes in the aisle of the plane.
A dressing had been applied to his injuries and he had to sit on a temporary seat for the remainder of the flight.
In his claim against Ryanair, Furlong claimed the airline had failed to ensure its staff would properly transfer hot liquid with a secure lid.
He claimed his social, domestic and recreational lifestyle had been “interfered with” following the incident.
Ryanair had denied liability, alleging Mr Furlong had caused the hot beverage to spill on himself. The airline claimed he had failed to pay adequate attention and had acted in a careless and inattentive manner.

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