Thursday, December 31, 2015

Biker saves suicidal woman causing traffic jam while drivers ignore her and watch


DRAMATIC video shows the moment a biker saved a woman trying to strangle herself in the middle of a busy London road while other motorists waited in a queue and just watched.

The hero, a Polish man who calls himself Pawel O on his YouTube channel, caught the incident on his helmet camera as he was biking along Horsenden Lane North in Greenford, Greater London.
When Pawel O arrived at the scene he passed the stationary cars which were leading up to a bridge, promptly set his bike aside and rushed to the woman who was slumped over and still in the middle of the road.
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Motorcyclist saves life of suicidal woman

The frustrated biker is seen shouting to the idle drivers as he approaches the lifeless individual "so maybe somebody should help her, could you help me?"
As he tried to rouse the woman by tapping her leg and talking to her, another man got out of his car to help investigate.
Shortly after, the biker discovered a cord tightly secured around the woman's neck.
Helmet Cam
The biker tried to stir the lady before discovering a cord around her neck

Rapidly untying the cord, the group asked the woman if she was OK while placing her in the recovery position.
A man claiming to be trained in first aid checked her over while the others called an ambulance.

The woman, who was now able to talk to the 'first aider' said "let me die".
To which the biker responded "lady, you are too young to die."
Helmet Cam
A first-aider checked the lady over and comforted her while waiting for an ambulance

A towel was placed beneath the recovering woman's head and the group attempted to comfort her while they awaited the ambulance.
The video concludes with the biker leaving and saying to the other drivers: "Lucky I was here because everybody was just looking at her, I don't know why nobody helped this lady, for like 10 minutes I was there."
Helmet Cam
Motorists waited with the lady while she began to recover

YouTube users left comments on the video when it appeared on the channel. One said: "Thank you to the motorcyclist that took the time to help this woman and save her life!"
Another commented: "Everyone was just looking at her and not helping the lady until this man came to rescue. Just goes out to show that kindness is contagious. Not all heroes wear capes."

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