Tuesday, December 15, 2015

'Her elbow was ripped open by bites': Pensioner 'died after she was bitten by a RAT fifty times as she slept in care home'

Glen Lodge nursing home in York where Pamela Hudson, 75, was allegedly bitten by a rat. See Ross Parry Copy RPYRAT:

 TERRIFIED gran was bitten by a rat more than 50 times as she lay helpless in a council care home.
Bedridden Pamela Hudson, 75, was rushed to hospital after staff found her covered in blood from multiple wounds to her face and arms.

Daughter Jan said: “You could see she had been gnawed.” Pamela died weeks after the attack at Glen Lodge in York.

The family of a frail gran repeatedly bitten by a rat in her council care home bed yesterday told how she suffered horrific wounds to her face, body and arms.
Pamela Hudson’s daughter Jan said the disabled, bed-ridden pensioner was unable to get away as the rat gnawed at her arms, shoulders, chest and nose.
Jan said: “Her left elbow was ripped open by the rat’s teeth and there were dozens of teeth marks along her arm.
“She had bites all over both her hands, a couple on her chest and even on her nose
“The majority were on her arms. You could see all the bites and the bruising where she had been gnawed at.
“There were probably more than 50 bites. We think the rat was trapped in her bed with her and that is why it bit her so severely.”
Heworth, York where Pamela lived Alamy

Pamela, 75, who had previously lost the use of one arm, was found in a blood-soaked nightdress by care home staff and rushed to hospital. Jan, 48, said: “Carers had gone into mum’s room at 2.30am and she was fine.
“They went back at 8.30am and she was covered in blood.
“Mum was bedridden, she couldn’t not get out of bed, she could not walk.
“She couldn’t get up to open the window, a door or anything.”
Pamela died three months later after being transferred to a different nursing home.
Jan said the family still do not know whether her death was related to the attack in June at Glen Lodge, Heworth, York.
She added: “Obviously we are still very distressed about it. There was nothing the council could do to rectify it but we have had no apology. That was the only thing they could do.
“If you’re living in sheltered accommodation and you’re bedridden, you need to be looked after.
“It shouldn’t have happened, but it did. We want people to be aware things like this happen.
“Mum had been in Glen Lodge probably six or seven years.
“She was fine at the start but she ended up completely bed­ridden and needed 24-hour care.”
tock Photo - City of York, England. The York Guildhall backing onto the River Ouse is now occupied by York City Council.
Council has refused to apologise Alamy

Jan said there had been a panic alarm on a table by her mother’s bed but she had not used it.
The council held an inquiry into the Glen Lodge incident. They also sent pest-control experts in to clear the home of any vermin but do not accept responsibility.
Martin Farran, director of adult social care at City of York Council, said: “We have worked closely with, and provided support to Mrs Hudson and her family throughout the investigation into this incident.
“It is with regret that, despite extensive efforts by professional experts, environmental health and independent inspectors, we have been unable to determine the exact circumstances of how Mrs Hudson’s injuries occurred.
“Our thoughts are with Mrs Hudson’s family, who are understandably distressed by what has happened.”
tock Photo - City of York, England. Hospital
Hospital where Pamela was treated Alamy

The precise cause of Pamela’s death is unclear.
Rats carry a variety of viruses that can be passed to humans.
One of the most dangerous is Weil’s disease. It begins with flu-like symptoms but can cause jaundice and kidney failure.
There are 32 flats and ten bungalows at Glen Lodge, which offers sheltered housing with extra care for the elderly.
All the flats are connected to the community alarm system.
Staff are on hand 24 hours a day and provide care according to the needs of residents.

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