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Cristiano Ronaldo spent Christmas in Miami to 'expand his family' after leaving son with his gran


CRISTIANO Ronaldo spent Christmas in Miami so he could expand his family, it has been sensationally claimed today.
The Real Madrid star’s five-year-old son Cristianinho was left in Portugal with his grandmother, Dolores, 60, so Ronaldo could make arrangements for another child, according to a popular Portuguese TV presenter.

Cristiano was pictured getting VIP treatment at a basketball match and relaxing bare-chested round his hotel pool while his son was more than 3,800 miles away.
The Real Madrid star spent Christmas in Miami Getty

Eunice Cristina Morias de Carvalho, known by her artistic name Maya, told Portuguese TV, “only a very strong reason led Cristiano Ronaldo to spend Christmas away from Cristianinho”.
She said: “Last Christmas he wasn’t with his mum or his brother or sisters because he spent it with Irina and Irina’s mum and sister but Cristianinho was with him.
“This year he spent Christmas alone in Miami.
“Doesn’t Miami ring bells with anyone? Where’s Cristianinho from?
“Cristianinho comes from Miami as everyone knows.
“Cristiano has repeatedly said he wants another child. Cristiano went to Miami to make arrangements for that second child.”
The 30-year-old spoke of his desire to have “five or six” little Cristianos in a recent magazine interview.
He told FHM magazine: “I think I have good conditions to have many kids so I want this. Let’s find the right woman.”
He also gushed about his five-year-old, said to have been born in a private clinic in the US with the collaboration of two Mexican surrogate mums.
Last Christmas he was in Dubai with ex Irina Shayk and his son Cristianinho Planet Photos

The Portugal national team captain was pictured getting VIP treatment at a basketball match and relaxing bare-chested round his hotel pool while his son stayed with his grandmother more than 3,800 miles away.
Dolores, who this year opened her own Twitter and Instagram pages, posted a string of pictures of her surrounded by her grandchildren including Cristianinho over Christmas in her native Madeira.
Rumours have swirled around Cristianinho mother since Ronaldo sensationally revealed to the world in 2010 that he had become a father.
The star’s mum revealed in her July 2014 approved biography, ‘Mother Courage’, that she had picked the child up from an unnamed private hospital in Florida while her son was playing the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Speaking of the moment Cristiano told her he would be a father, Dolores said: “I’m going to have a child and I want you to be the one to help me educate him and give him love, as you’ve always done with me and my brothers and sisters.
“The mother of the baby will never be known.”
Mum-of-four Dolores, whose alcoholic husband Dinis died of liver disease in September 2005, now lives near to her son on an VIP estate in Madrid where Gareth Bale also has a home so she can help raise Cristianinho as he is affectionately known.
Cristiano’s family has always refused to discuss whether his son was born to a surrogate mum.
Maria Manuela Rodrigues, a former nanny to Cristianinho, revealed four years ago Cristiano’s sister Katia had told her he had two Mexican mums.
The star has often spoken of his desire to have more children Eroteme

The carer, who worked at Katia’s house in Moita near Lisbon for 10 months, told leading Portuguese tabloid Correio da Manha in August 2011: “Once I saw a newspaper article saying the child’s mother wanted him back.
Katia said: ‘That’s a lie, because the mum is Mexican and she didn’t even see if it was a boy or a girl, because she was a surrogate mum” adding that she told her Cristianinho was the “child of two mums.”
“She even told me the child had two mums, that the eggs were from one and another carried and gave birth to the child.
“And that both were Mexican.”
She added: “The child was born in a private clinic and the mother didn’t even see him, because she was covered up.
“The baby was born and she doesn’t know anything about him.”
The Real Madrid striker took legal action over the article, claiming the newspaper had intruded into his private life.
A court in Lisbon ruled in favour of the footballer and fined a newspaper exec, the former nanny and the two journalists who wrote the story.
An appeal against the decision is understood to be ongoing.
It has also been claimed that Cristianinho’s mum was a penniless American waitress the star bedded for a one night stand before paying her £10 million to hide her identity and hand over the baby.
Rumours have swirled around the identity of Cristianinho's mother Xposure

Speaking in July last year, Cristiano’s older sister Elma admitted: “Cristianinho sometimes asks about his mum.
“Once we told him that she was in Heaven, but my brother and my mum didn’t like that and asked us not to repeat it.
“We say now that his mum went travelling. He goes silent, forgets about it and doesn’t ask anymore.”
Cristiano is expected to see in the New Year in Marrakech with his kick boxer friend Badr Hari and Real Madrid teammate Karim Benzema.
A Moroccan newspaper reported he has reserved a £2,400-a-night suite at luxury hotel The Pearl Marrakech.
The footballer recently acquired his own private jet, a £13.5 million Gulfstream G200, which he is said to use regularly to travel to Morocco to see Badr, 31.

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