Thursday, December 31, 2015

Joker discovers he has a brain tumour after he stops being able to make his mates laugh

Funny man ... Andrew

A JOKER well known for cracking up his mates discovered he had a brain tumour — because he stopped being funny.
Andrew Llewellyn, 34, started forgetting gags and was lost for witty ripostes.
He went to his GP and while awaiting results suffered a huge seizure on his Edinburgh stag do.

Medics found an egg-sized tumour on the left side of his brain and a cyst caused by the tumour pressing on the part of the organ used for speech.

He underwent a four-hour op to remove the growths and days later was back to his jokey self.
Recovered Andrew was today due to marry Sian Smith, also 34, in front of 100 guests in Llantwit Major, South Wales.
Closer together ... Andrew and wife-to-be Sian
Closer together ... Andrew and wife-to-be Sian SWNS:South West News Service

The VAT office worker said: “I used to make people smile at work. But I would find I would start a joke, I’d have four or five people around me, but I couldn’t find the punchline.
“People would think I was being ignorant, but actually it was because of a brain tumour.”
Andrew, from Bridgend, South Wales, added: “When they told me I was relieved.
“I finally knew what had been wrong all along, and how they were going to try and fix it.”
A biopsy revealed the tumour was cancerous and Andrew may need more treatment next year.
He and Sian have had to cancel their honeymoon to Barbados but it will be used by Sian’s parents Peter and Meriol.
Andrew added: “It has brought us closer together. We’ve got lots to celebrate.”

Andrew’s favourite jokes

1) My fiancée asked me to stop impersonating a flamingo. I had to put my foot down.
2) Why are pirates called pirates? Because they arrrrrrr!
3) I tied a rocket to my neighbour’s cat today. My neighbour was upset, but the cat was over the moon.
4) I’ve got a job helping out a one-armed typist do capital letters. It’s shift work.
5) What do you call a five-foot psychic who escaped from jail? A small medium at large.

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