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‘I was screaming in pain’: Boys had their penises cut off in care home horror

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A MAN has alleged his penis was cut off by a male staff member at a Sydney boys’ home - and that he was one of many children who were mutilated and severely abused at the facility in Australia.

Daruk Training School in Windsor, New South Wales, was home to hundreds of juvenile offenders from 1960-1991 and Gordon Myers, 50, told he was 13 when he was sent to the institution for the first time in 1978.
Mr Myers said he was raped and beaten by various staff at the home on a regular basis over the five years he lived there and a male staff member who “didn’t like little boys with foreskins” performed illegal and botched circumcisions on the children at Daruk.
“He cut my penis off,” Mr Myers said. “I had just turned 13. He took me into the clinic and said ‘we have permission to circumcise you’. I said ‘no you don’t’.
The boys' school was the site of sick sexual abuse

“He knocked me out with a needle and I woke up in the middle of it. I screamed in pain. Because I was so tiny, he probably thought, stupidly, ‘Don’t give him as much anaesthetic to put him under’.”
Mr Myers said there was “blood everywhere” and that he was sent to Windsor Hospital where a surgeon “sewed [his] penis back on”. He claims the hospital “covered up” the incident.
His medical records were confirmed to have been destroyed and Mr Myers said his penis “never grew” as a result of the trauma. “I can’t have children and I can’t have sex,” he said.
The commission heard that Mr Myers wasn’t the only child who had his penis severed by the staff member at Daruk Training School.
“Every now and then he’d grab a kid to rape or circumcise and I was one of them,” he said.
Botched surgeries ruined the lives of many boys at the school

When he returned to the boy’s home after the surgery he said “[The staff member] wanted to have another go and rape me a second time,” he said. “He raped me heaps of time before that but I wasn’t going to let that happen again.
Another resident at the school, Carl Orme, 50, said he was routinely physically and sexually abused by several staff members at the home and that one at the school often taunted the boys and severed some of their penises.
“He’d start fondling with you and things and he would always threaten to circumcise everyone,” said Orme.
“He used to scare you and everything, he’d get scissors out and grab hold of the old fella’ saying, ‘I’m going to cut it off if you don’t sit still, I’m going to cut your willy off’.”
The Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse is the largest Royal Commission in Australia’s history and is set to conclude at the end of 2017.

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