Saturday, December 12, 2015

Pubic hair is now back in fashion... and here’s the reason why


EXPERTS say more and more women are feeling freer and under less pressure to trim their pubic hair, due to the growing diversity of PORN.

Sex experts claim women have been "under immense pressure" to keep themselves well-trimmed but new mainstream and feminist porn reflects more realistic sexual expectations, and more and more women are now choosing to keep things natural as a result.

In fact, a new survey revealed that 51 per cent of British women don’t trim their pubic hair.


Women are feeling less pressure to groom themselves thanks to porn getty

Porn star and author Jessica Drake, 41, told The Star: "Women are finally able to emulate what they see, but the thing is there is so much out there that they are able to emulate whatever they want now.
"There is no generalisation of what women should and shouldn't do with their pubic hair. It is a sort of anything-goes market."

Whereas it was typically believed that porn viewers dislike pubic hair, because it obscures the view of the genitals, modern-day porn trends feature more hair than ever before, and women are feeling liberated as a result.
Porn icon Jessica Drake said: "I've really seen a lot. I think that when I first got in [the porn industry], I wanted to do what everyone else was doing.
"I thought I needed to emulate what other girls were doing. I remember the first few go-sees I went on, I was apologising for my lack of hair. I had always shaved as my own personal preference, but at the time there was beginning to be a need for variety.


The trend for female pubic hair is back as shaven porn stars are becoming rarer getty

"A few times I was even asked to grow [my pubic hair] for a film."
In fact, a new line of products from a brand call Fur are set to be a big hit in the UK including Fur Oil, designed to soften pubic hair and Stubble Cream, for those who aren't ready to ditch the razor.
The Fur Oil, which will soon be available in the UK, features a blend of nine natural oils including grapeseed and jojoba and will set you back $39 (£25).

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    During the Last Two Decades, Shaving off Every one of One’s Pubic Hair have been all the rage – probably individuals always want to emulate whatever they see as a standard


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