Saturday, December 19, 2015

Flight attendant reveals all

A FLIGHT attendant has spilt the beans on the shocking secrets of passengers and staff during flight.
In a YouTube video with vlogger Riyadh Khalaf, the anonymous Irish stewardess sits with her back to the camera while he asks her to dish the dirt.

She reveals:
• The most annoying types of passengers
• How people hand them filthy nappies
• Where the best place to have sex on the plane is
• The secret messages to proposition passengers
In the video the stewardess is referred to as ‘Mary’ because she “doesn’t want to lose her job” and she answers a series of questions on air travel.
When asked what the most disgusting thing she has seen in her job is, she reveals: “Please don’t put your baby on a row of three seats, whip off its sh---*y nappy and when we come round with the bin, try and hand it to us. Sorry, like are you okay?”
She also reveals she found a used condom left in the seat pocket, saying: “’Do not leave biohazard waste in the seat pocket. I literally went to do a security check and went to take out rubbish and there was something squidgy.
“My finger was wet [and] a f----ng dirty b-----rd had left a used condom.”
And while she never spat in food she does say some meals may have been picked up from the floor and served.
‘Mary’ then reveals the best way to have sex on a plane, saying: “If you’re lucky enough to be on a flight to New York or Orlando, they’re bigger planes. There is more toilets, there is more little access routes, you know you can be sneaky.
‘There is a few toilets that are joined together by latches. So if you find the switch to unlock the latch and you know, join the two toilets together.”

ConfessionsShe also says the pilots have lots of sex, even though most of them are married, explaining: “Have you seen a pilot’s Tinder profile? Their profile picture is in a cockpit which is basically a signal to drop your knickers.”

The most annoying types of passengers, she explains, are the ones who constantly press the call button and the ones who poke stewardesses for attention.
She also reveals the ability to message individual passenger’s screens is the secret to holiday sex.
Mary says: “There is this amazing system that we have and you can send individual messages to every seat.
“There was once a hot guy in my section so I just said, I’m going to go for this — I’m going to grab it by its horns.
“Went up and sent to his screen ‘Hey handsome, I’m the blonde that just served you your white wine, see you later.
“And then in the baggage hall we met up and hooked up later.”

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