Saturday, December 12, 2015

Just what is a ‘sleep orgasm’, and how can you have one?


ACCORDING to researchers, around 37 per cent of women will experience ‘sleep orgasms’ by the age of 45.

The ‘sleep orgasm’ - where you wake up climaxing - is a phenomenon that occurs primarily in women between their 40s and mid-50s – it’s not just for teenage men, as many people would believe.

"It's a bit like a present from your brain," according to 24-year-old Jade, who told Broadly she only experiences nocturnal orgasms when she’s in a sex drought.
'I'm not getting a lot of action, I sometimes even got so bored of not having sex that I lose interest in masturbating, and that's when my brain reminds me that yep, I can still orgasm."
For Jade, sleep orgasms can occur a couple of times a week, with or without the help of self-pleasure.
With only 25 per cent of women consistently orgasmic during sexual intercourse, scientists have confirmed that the female orgasm is more of a complex phenomenon than it is for men.
lying on front
Lying on your front is said to increase your chances of having a sleep orgasm Getty

Although there isn’t much research on night orgasms, the Kinsey Report maintains that over a third of women are capable of having sleep orgasms before the age of 45, with anxiety, guilt and depression the most common factors preventing female climax.
"A number of factors often hold women back from having orgasms during sex,” explains Dr Debby Herbenick, associate professor at Indiana University.
Although she adds: "Orgasm generally gets easier with age and experience, and when women have sex with regular partners who they feel care about them, thus we see higher rates of orgasm among those in their mid to late 20s, 30s, and 40s"
Researchers and writers for The Orgasm Answer Guide say: “There is good reason to believe that orgasms while sleeping are not, in fact, the result of genital stimulation, but instead are created in the brain.”
With the sleep orgasm believed to be all in the mind, there are a number of ways your chances of having one can be increased, including lying on your front when you sleep and thinking sexual thoughts as you’re drifting off.
Apparently, it also helps if you haven’t had an orgasm in a while, and are particularly tired when you go to bed.

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