Saturday, December 19, 2015

New 'super condoms' will increase pleasure and fight HIV, say scientists


A NEW 'super condom' which protects against HIV and offers more sexual pleasure than traditional condoms will soon be available, according to scientists.

Scientists from the Texas A&M University Health Science Center say the invention - dubbed the "new big player" in the fight against AIDS - will be lined with a hydrogel-based product that kills the HIV virus if the condom breaks.
The condom will also feature an antioxidant, used to enhance sexual pleasure.
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The new condom could be in shops next year Getty

Speaking to the BBC World Service, head researcher Mahua Choudhery said: "People say they don’t want to use condoms because it doesn’t have the same sexual pleasure.
"The antioxidant will enhance neurotransmitters which will work with nerve endings, giving greater sexual pleasure.

"If the HIV virus gets into the product, the condom will block it, prevent it replicating, and prevent entry (from the body)."
The product, which is still at the prototype stage, is set to be very affordable - with the team behind it estimating it will cost less than £1.
Dr Choudhery also expects the condom to go on sale next year. She said: "We know that we don’t need FDA approval, and several companies are very interested in working with us."

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