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Surgery-addicted celeb’s bum implants exploded ... but she won’t take them out

EX-GLAMOUR model and British reality TV regular Alicia Douvall can’t sit down for more than 20 minutes at a time because her ruptured bum implants have left her crippled with pain.
The 36-year-old had the $20,000 op to round out her rump back in 2006, but three weeks ago had to seek medical attention in agony as they began to leak in to her body.
Alicia Douvall.
Alicia Douvall.Source:Getty Images
It’s just one of scores of procedures the mum-of-two has had done in her ongoing quest to look like a human Barbie doll. She estimates that she’s had 50 operations and 350 other procedures over the years, spending around $2 million to ‘perfect’ her look. By the age of 24 she had already had three breast augmentations and two rhinoplasties.
“For the past few years I’ve had agonising pain in my back and legs, but couldn’t work out what it was,” Douvall said.
Alicia Douvall with her book. Picture: Supplied
Alicia Douvall with her book. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied
“Then, when I went for a scan last month to investigate the pain, my surgeon told me both of my buttock implants had completely ruptured.
“I was in total shock. I had no idea they could explode.”
Douvall, who has previously blamed her plastic surgery addiction on her controlling father, believes she is being slowly poisoned by her addiction to plastic surgery.
“I’ve got silicone migrating in to my body — it’s essentially killing me,” she said.
“And I’ve also developed the first signs of auto-immune disease, which I think has been brought on by the years of trauma I’ve put my body through with the surgery.
Alicia Douvall on Celebrity Big Brother. Picture: Supplied
Alicia Douvall on Celebrity Big Brother. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied
“I’m on medication, but I’m in pain the whole time. I can’t lie down or even sit still for longer than twenty minutes before the pain starts jolting down my leg.
“I’ve been advised I need to have the implants taken out within six months because I’m at high risk of infection.
“I know they need to be removed but I’m worried that the saggy skin will leave me looking deformed.”
Alicia Douvall in 2010.
Alicia Douvall in 2010.Source:Getty Images
Despite being in constant pain, Douvall isn’t ready to give up her dreams of looking like a plastic doll — especially as she has a “secret sugar daddy” to foot the bill.
Douvall — who used to date Simon Cowell and described him as “the best lover ever” — told Closer magazine: “I’ll always be addicted to surgery, so now I’m considering liposuction, a tummy tuck, a designer vagina and a hair transplant.
Alicia Douvall, ahead of her Celebrity Big Brother appearance.
Alicia Douvall, ahead of her Celebrity Big Brother appearance.Source:Getty Images
“Surgery gives me an amazing kick. It’s the same as alcohol addiction — it’s the escapism.”
Douvall has spent the last few months spending time with her daughters, Georgia, 20, and Papaya, 4, and penning a tell-all book about her life, Don’t Call Me Ugly.
It’s a no-holds barred look at the surgery addict’s life and will no doubt include gruesome recollections of her 23 boob jobs and numerous facelifts.
She’s never been shy about her love of altering her appearance, and even claims that she wasn’t able to smile at her youngest when she was born because she’d had so many fillers in her face.
This time last year Douvall was preparing to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house in the UK. She was the second contestant to be evicted in the series.
In December 2013, she hit rock bottom, revealing she had tried to take her own life in a hotel after being dumped by the rich boyfriend who had funded her surgery and her lifestyle, and was then evicted from her swanky London flat owing three months’rent. Daughter Papaya, then 2, was with her when she attempted to overdose on vodka and pills three days before Christmas.
“In my mind, if I stayed alive I’d spend more money on surgery,” she told theMirror.
“I just kept thinking, ‘If I am dead, my children will have a better future.’
“I started coming round. Everything was a haze. I don’t know how long I’d been asleep. All I could think was, ‘I’ve even failed at killing myself.’”
Douvall says her life turned around when she met a billionaire on New Year’s Eve who paid off her debts.
By January she was back on TV screens, reigniting public interest in her, especiallywhen she revealed she had only recently learnt her alphabet and shapes.
This article originally appeared on The Sun.

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