Thursday, November 5, 2015

Man finds some unwanted extras in his brand new pair of pants

A MAN has had a rude shock when he discovered a dirty napkin and a receipt in the pocket of a brand new pair of pants from hip online retailer, The Iconic.
Sydney man ‘Andrew MC’ received the pants via the post and it was after unwrapping them that he discovered the unwanted extras which included a used napkin and receipt for a dinner at a restaurant on the other side of Australia.
He posted his unwanted discovery to the company’s Facebook page.
“Just wondering if you would like the used napkin and receipt for ‘The Real Taste Restaurant’ in WA that I found when I tried on my pants from the order last week?” he wrote.
“I’m sure it was a great meal, I’m just not interested in keeping the scraps. Happy to send the two back for store credit if required!”
They were quick to respond, obviously embarrassed by the whole situation.
“I’m so sorry that you received this along with your pants!” the reply read.
“This is not up to the ICONIC standard, it must have slipped though it’s quality control check upon return. I will have this issue rectified as a priority! Again, our sincerest apologies and thank you for your understanding!”
After receiving hundreds of comments on the post by other horrified customers the store then followed up with a second post.
“Hi everyone, we agree and we’re very disappointed this has happened! Our warehouse team is currently investigating this. We have been in touch with Andrew and are having a replacement pair sent out to him ASAP! Again, our sincere apologies Andrew for this negative experience that you have had with us but rest assured we’ll fix everything up for you! — Lauren.”

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