Thursday, January 28, 2016

Nobody wants to have sex with Justin Bieber

Put some clothes on, Bieber!
The “Sorry” singer dropped trou for Calvin Klein again on Wednesday, modeling underwear alongside his rumored former girlfriend Kendall Jenner in a new advertising campaign — sprawling out in bed, masquerading as a stud.

Bieber, a nice young man from small-town Stratford, Ontario, seems hellbent on reframing himself as a sex symbol, an object of desire like some mock-Marky Mark. He often posts shirtless selfies on Instagram with descriptive captions like “Lazy Sunday,”“Back in the gym” and “Sweet dreams.”
His subtext, however, is “Abs!” “Chest!” “Butt!”
At the back of so many minds as their eyes greet his nude torso on their screens: Why is this suburban Canadian boy naked and when will it end? Justin may have the hip-hop sensibility of Kanye West, but he has all the sex appeal of Kurt von Trapp. Read: none.
It’s not because of his youth. Fellow heartthrob Nick Jonas is just two years older than Biebs, and he’s allegedly hooking up with sexy mother of two Kate Hudson, 36. Jonas has also picked up a horde of gay fans, and he courts them during shirtless appearances at bars. But what Jonas has that’s out of reach for Bieber is a dark, brooding look. Biebs is a baby, Jonas is a man.
More Gerber than GQ, Bieber is nonetheless an enormously talented musician who had a well-deserved comeback last year with “Purpose”: His hits “Sorry” and “What Do You Mean?” can be heard in just about every bar — gay, straight or biker. His fan base is massive and adoring, and deservedly so. So why, with double-platinum albums, gorgeous girlfriends and Beverly Hills mansions, does he need to prove to Larry in Accounting that he has biceps?
Keep on singing, Justin, and leave modeling to the models.

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